Bridesmaids Dresses – A Lesson In Compromise?

I have been to maybe a handful of weddings in my life. But, next year will be the first time I’ll be part of a friend’s bridal party.

I am certainly excited at the prospect of helping to make it the best day possible for her (you have no idea how many times I’ve asked her when we’re going to start looking at wedding dresses). It seems to have been built into my DNA to love planning events, crafting, shopping and cake eating, so I think I’ve got all the bases covered if she needs me.

One discussion we have had a couple times though, is the all important question of what the bridesmaids will wear. I don’t know what is traditionally done. Back in the day I think the bride would buy the dresses for her wedding party. When it was her money, she had all the say. If you came out looking like a cupcake that went home with cheesecake after a drunken night out, well, you just had to live with that.

Remember the horrific closet from 27 Dresses?

I get that the bride doesn’t want to be upstaged. I don’t think that any good bridesmaid would want to do that to their friend. I know I would never want to detract from the happy couple. Yet, in today’s modern society, where many bridesmaids are now having to foot the bill for their own dress, how much say do they have when it comes to what they wear?

I personally plan to be a good maid of honour and intend to be as polite as possible when giving my opinion on whatever we are trying on. The great thing is my friend and I have relatively similar taste in clothes, so the two of us will likely see eye to eye for the most part. However, it will be interesting to shop with the rest of the bridal party and find out how well everyone else does in this situation.

I expect that clashing styles, personalities and body types can mean disastrous shopping trips (fans of Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids will know how out of hand these excusions can get). My fingers are crossed for the best. And, I hope that I walk out of this with a dress that’s fairly affordable and that I’ll actually want to wear again. Those are the only two things I’ve asked for and I think my friend has agreed to that. Hallelujah!

Model, Molly Sims‘ Mismatched Bridal Party Dresses Doesn’t everyone look fabulous and happy?

Do you have any bridal party horror stories? Dress nightmares? What did you make your bridesmaids wear at your wedding? I’d love for you to share in the comments section below.

Photo Sources: Scribbles, Scripts & Such & Molly Sims