Brighter Days Ahead

Brighten someone's day and then pay it forward!

Brighten someone’s day and then pay it forward!

I’m not the most outgoing or outspoken person, but sometimes I want to be able to let someone know they look great or they’re doing a good job even if I don’t know them.

My plan is to pass out positivity cards to friends and strangers that say things like “looking good!,” “you are beautiful!,” “you are an amazing person,” and “I wish you well in your life.” What I hope is that those people will visit this site (as instructed on the back of said cards) and leave me notes as to how they felt about receiving the cards(s). The whole point of this experiment is to boost people’s spirits.

Once the recipient has shared their thoughts, the intention is that they pass the card onto someone else who they believe is deserving. I want to see this grow organically because I know that people are genuinely good and caring, and this is a simple way to spread some love. It’s kind of like the equivalent of the strangers who give out free hugs, but without the invasion of personal space!

If you got a card from me or another, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and I hope that the cards did their job!

Peace & love to everyone!


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