Movie Monday Recommendation!

Well, I was not planning on writing another post so soon, but after attending a prescreening of Safety Not Guaranteed tonight I felt that I had to recommend it to everyone.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie about a writer and two interns answering a classified ad about a man seeking a companion for time travel. Produced by the makers of Little Miss Sunshine (a favourite of mine), I went in with high hopes and it did not disappoint.

The script was superb, funny and heartfelt the whole way through (hence the 2012 Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the Sundance Film Festival). The film was cast perfectly, in my opinion. Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) is captivating in her deadpan humour type way, Mark Duplass (Humpday and The League) as the time traveler makes me believe without question that it’s a possibility rather than an impossibility, Jake M. Johnson (New Girl) as the writer seeking his past love is a great juxtaposition to the overly mature interns he heads out on the road with, and Karan Soni (a relative newcomer) plays nerdy virgin with a crush very well.

My only complaint? I wish the movie didn’t end. It left me with questions, left me wanting to know more of the story, about what happens after. There won’t be a sequel to provide me with that closure and I can live with that. I would happily watch this film again in a heartbeat, fully aware of the outcome.

It is currently playing in limited release in larger cities, so if you’ve yet to see it at a theatre near you, watch for it and be sure to check it out the second you get a chance!

If you’ve been lucky enough to have seen it already, let us know what you thought about it.  If you still need to go, come back and expound upon it after! I’d love to hear what you have to say.