Spring/Summer Wardrobe Mix and Match

It’s been a long winter in my city, and while April didn’t exactly bring any showers, I am wishing for May flowers. With spring comes the shedding of winter clothing – no more tights underneath pants, layered sweaters, heavy down or wool coats and shearling lined boots. Bring on the dresses, tank tops, peep-toe shoes and sandals because I’m ready for what’s sure to be too short of a spring/summer season.

Now, I can’t really afford to purchase a brand new wardrobe every few months (perhaps one day I’ll have a closet like Carrie in Sex and the City and lottery winnings to do so). However, I have nonetheless found inspiration for looks that I’d like to try this year. I’ve talked about using H&M’s dressing room feature in a previous post before and I’m going to use it again to show you some of the looks I’ve put together for the next few months.

Look #12

Look #10

Look #35

Look #13

Look #32

Look #23

Look #30

Look #26

Though shops like H&M, Forever 21 and numerous other budget clothing stores gear towards quick trends, I don’t necessarily believe in following them. I think you should wear what looks good on your body and what makes you feel confident. If something grabs your attention, try it on. You might be surprised at how good it looks on you. My one tip: be polished, but don’t forget to have a little fun with some colours and patterns, even if it’s subtle.

I myself am a bit of a hoarder with my clothes. I have items that have lasted me from high school to university and, now, six years and counting from graduating with my bachelor’s degree. What I’ve learned over the years about fashion is that everything is cyclical and almost anything can be reworked down the road. As long as it still fits you well and it’s in good condition and you have the space, keep it. I’m sure with a little digging in my own closet, I’ll be able to piece together similar styles to the ones shown. The different combinations will feel like a completely fresh warm weather wardrobe without having to spend a fortune on anything new.

All that’s left is hoping that the sunshine comes out to play and that the wind eventually dies down, so that we can truly enjoy this time of year that always seems to fly by too quickly for our liking.

Photo sources: All outfit combinations were created by me on H&M.com’s dressing room feature.

Clothing Creativity

I’m a big believer in mixing things up to create interesting ensembles. While my own closet is large and a mish mash of items that could probably provide me a different outfit every day for a few years, like many, I find myself wearing certain clothes of mine much more often than the rest.

When I’m stuck in a fashion rut and I need some inspiration I check out H&M’s Dressing Room. The site is updated every so often with some of the Swedish store’s newest products, but it also includes a number of basic pieces that might already be in your wardrobe.

It’s my own version of Cher Horowitz’s computerized closet in Clueless. Putting together various pieces to see what looks I can come up with helps to get my creative juices going with my own clothes.

So, next time you shop your closet or the stores, take a chance; mix and match things you normally wouldn’t, pile on some layers, wear some patterns and just be plain ol’ adventurous because, tomorrow, you can always go back to the norm.

I hope that you find some fashion motivation from some of my latest dressing room ensembles: